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Enter your details below to sign up for your Free Trial and don’t forget to enter which class you are interested in. Please note free trials are subject to availability, do not attend club/class until we have been in touch to confirm your trial date. 


Due to high demand, we aren’t currently offering free trials for the following clubs & classes:

– Saturday Baby Street (9am)

– Saturday Baby Ballet (9.30am)

– St Bart’s Primary – Street Dance R-Yr2 (Tues)

– SJSC Primary – Street Dance Yr1&2 (Tues)

– Harris Primary ED – Street Dance R-Yr2 (Thurs)

If you are interested in one of the above clubs/classes then please join the waiting list here – Waiting List


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SJSC Primary – Street Dance Yr3-6 (Mon), Judith Kerr Primary – Street Dance Yr3-6 (Mon), Harris ED Primary – Street Dance Yr3-6 (Mon), Crawford Primary – Street Dance R-Yr2 (Tues), Judith Kerr Primary – Street Dance R-Yr2 (Weds), Goose Green Primary – Street Dance R-Yr2 (Weds), Elm Wood Primary – Street Dance Yr1&2 (Weds), Goose Green Primary Street Dance Yr3-6 (Thurs), St Bart's Primary – Street Dance Yr3-6 (Thurs), Saturday Infant Street Dance (10.15am), Saturday Inf & Jnr Ballet (11am), Saturday Junior Street Dance (11.45am), Saturday Infant Street Dance & Ballet (10.15 – 11.45am), Saturday Junior Street Dance & Ballet (11am-12.30pm), Theatre Camps Giveaway