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After School Clubs

60 mins

Boogie Pumps after school clubs are a fantastic way to compliment your child’s school day. We offer clubs in street dance (our most popular!), ballet, drama and musical theatre. Our classes are designed to help children grow in confidence whilst learning and developing new skills, getting active, ma...

Baby Ballet

45 mins

In our fun and exciting Baby Ballet classes we believe in teaching them ballet through imagination and games. For princess’s and prince’s ages 2.5–4 years. Wand’s, wings and fairy things, cloaks, Boats and pirates who sing come and explore with Baby ballet.

Ballet & Tap

60 mins

At Boogie Pumps our ballet classes offer the chance for children to understand ballet basics while learning about rhythm, coordination and flexibility. Of course, they re not interested in all this, so we keep our lessons fun and fresh buy teaching routines to pop songs and using props. Please conta...

Street Dance

60 mins

Street Dance has become one of the most popular dance forms in recent years, mainly due to it’s popularity on television shows, movies, videos and commercials. Our classes are energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns. Our classes are full of current po...



Boogie Pumps parties offer a fantastic choice of hugely entertaining and customizebale parties to meet your child’s party on their special day. Our staff are carefully selected based on experience as well as being fun, vibrant, energetic and bright.

Theatre Camps

All Day

Do you have a little one that loves dancing, singing and acting? Why not send them along to a day of Theatre Camp fun!

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